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Katy D. - Why Oom Yung Doe:

I have been working in a fast-paced independent sales organization since 1998. Two years ago, I was promoted to Managing Director and I was made Partner in 2002. Some of my responsibilities include managing a staff of seven, three showrooms, fifty clients, and over five hundred Pacific Northwest accounts, including key retailers such as Nordstrom, Starbuck's, Eddie Bauer and Drugstore.com.

Inherent in my business is a great deal of pressure, stress, and travel. Before I began my training, I struggled with stress-related conditions such as constant upper back tension, frequent stomach pain, and poor sleep. I had tried therapeutic massage, running, and naturopathic remedies, but with little result. Then in 2000, I tried Oom Yung Doe, Traditional Moo Doe training. After just eight weeks, my back and neck were loosening and my posture had improved. After a few months, I was no longer experiencing stomach pain. Now, after two years, through regular practice, I comfortably balance the constant challenges of managing my company while maintaining a relaxed and healthy physical condition.

Another benefit to my training that I had not expected was a marked improvement in my mental sharpness, attitude and self-confidence. As a result, I manage my relationships better and have increased employee and client retention. I am able to remember numerous details and can keep several "balls in the air" at all times. My increased productivity has helped achieve higher compensation for everyone in my organization as well as the renovation and expansion of our facilities.

My Oom Yung Doe training continues to have direct, measurable benefits to my professional productivity and well-being. I believe that my ability to manage my stress has enabled me to work more productively, realize my professional goals sooner, and live a longer, more comfortable life.

Katy D.

Oom Yung Doe Logo, Tiger and Dragon over an Oom Yung Symbol

The tiger is symbolic of the physical world while the dragon signifies the mental or spiritual world. Together they represent a harmony between the two. The Chinese symbol Yin/Yang (Oom Yung) stands for balance in life.

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