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Hannah S. - Why Oom Yung Doe:

"I have found a path that has afforded me greater health physically, mentally and spiritually..."

At a certain age everyone will be in need of help to maintain a level of health and quality of life. At the age of 62, in two months from yesterday, I have been there for about 20 years. Some people try the path of more and more use of Western medicine and some try the path of Western medicine combined with flurry of activities. Fortunately, I have found a path that has afforded me greater health physically, mentally and spiritually, with and minimum of doctor's visits and only one prescription. In Oom Yung Doe, I have been drinking from a bottomless well of heath giving knowledge, for nine years. In every aspect of my life, I am much healthier than when I started. In the past seven months I have gone from sixth section to second degree black belt. I work 14 hours a day five days a week and 5 to 8 hours a day on weekends, with energy to spare. With the help of my MIP meditative form I am currently working toward a sharper mental focus and toward a calmer demeanor. I feel confident that I can now accomplish projects in my life which looked nearly impossible only six moths ago.

Each of us will invest time and treasure in that which we hope to give us the best possible life. I choose to invest my time and treasure in Oom Young Doe. The benefits I have and am gaining overwhelmingly support my decision as the correct one, for me.

Hannah S

Oom Yung Doe Logo, Tiger and Dragon over an Oom Yung Symbol

The tiger is symbolic of the physical world while the dragon signifies the mental or spiritual world. Together they represent a harmony between the two. The Chinese symbol Yin/Yang (Oom Yung) stands for balance in life.

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