Tom Moch

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Tom Moch - Age: 46

Before I made a decision to join Chung Moo Doe, I felt it was important to interview main instructors and owner. Reason, when I was younger I studied a form of martial arts which contributed to knee, shoulder and back injuries. At age forty something, I was searching for a martial art that would improve my physical and mental condition without causing me additional injury and discomfort. 

In the past, schools I joined went out of business and left me in the cold searching for another way to study martial arts. Therefore, it was important for me to understand who I was dealing with, what the history of the school was, how the school was connected organizationally and what the instructors personal view on life was all about. The prevailing points of most interest to me were:

  • Belief in the System

  • Care of Students

  • Family Values

  • Honor

  • Integrity

  • Motivational Skills

  • Respect of Others

  • School Affiliation to Higher Learning

  • Skill and Ability

  • Social Skills

After my initial conversation I was comfortable enough to move forward and commit to a three month course. Within the first six weeks of practice a nagging old shoulder injury that was causing me daily discomfort was no longer an annoyance to me. It gets better, both my knees have cartilage removed and have never been the same since the injuries I sustained in my early twenties. When I initially started Moo Doe both knees were sloppy enough that certain movements would cause them to go out and I would hit the floor in pain. I stayed the course and within two years my knees were as close to pre-injury condition as they have been in over twenty years. The instructors motivated me to push myself while also maintaining a sense of responsibility to my physical conditioning as not to cause additional harm, rather lead me to a better quality of life.

How have I benefited from practicing Chung Moo Doe? 

  • Belief, by staying the course, working hard not only physically to gain skill and ability I received opportunities to further the cause of Chung Moo Doe. By accomplishing the rank of first degree black belt/assistant instructor, I'm convinced there is nothing in the world I can't do if I set my mind to it.

  • Confidence, for a guy in his mid-forties, I feel like I can go just about any where and not be afraid of protecting myself or my family. 

  • Physical conditioning, I regained lost flexibility, strength, endurance and range of motion that I've not had since I was in my twenties. 

  • Social life, the members of Chung Moo Doe and Oom Yung Doe at all levels are my brothers and sisters. I'm extremely proud to be associated with a fine group of individuals who are seeking the same knowledge and peace I am and who hold similar goals and values.

In addition to regular school lessons, I've participated in several elective Sae Gae Moo Doe extracurricular trainings. The courses are designed to increase an individual's skill and ability while decreasing the time to gain benefits if practiced regularly.

Moo Doe is a journey and truly a way of life in all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual awakening. I look forward challenging the aging process knowing Moo Doe will lead me to a better quality of life as I continue toward later years of my life on this earth. Practice has affected me positively thus far. I can't imagine not continuing the benefits as I continue my practice and experience life in the decades to come. 

~Tom Moch