Todd Facello

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Todd Facello

There are many benefits I have gained in my training, flexibility, strength, and determination. These benefits carry over to all parts of my life. But, I would like to share with you why I decided to be come an instructor. About a year into my training I began to experience extreme pain in my lower right abdomen. One day the pain was so intense I went to the emergency room. The doctors decided I needed my appendix removed. One month later the pain came back in the exact same location and intensity. 

The doctors then decided that I had kidney stones. After three months and five trips to the emergency room there was no conclusive evidence that it was kidney stones. The next time I felt the pain I didn't go the ER, I went to school. There, my instructor showed me three exercises to balance my hips. After two weeks the pain never returned. Up to that point my intention was to continue my education as a Massage Therapist and become a Chiropractor. The strength of traditional Moo Doe was too much for me to ignore. I am currently the main instructor at the Winter Springs, Fl Chung Moo Doe. I am looking forward to the opportunity to understand at a deeper level so I may pass knowledge on to others.      


Todd M. Facello