School of Oom Yung Doe(tm), the Grandmaster Iron Kim Style

Monika, 37

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I never liked waiting for elevators. At age 34, however, I found myself making excuses to avoid taking the stairs. Mostly, my bad knee hurt, but I would also be winded after just a few flights. Evenings would more often than not be spent in front of the TV. I knew I needed excercise, but I found most activities I thought I could do without hurting my knees to be boring.

After a few months of practicing Traditional Martial Arts, stairs were no longer a problem. I finally learned how to move without damaging my knees, and what to do to strengthen them. Over time even my bad knee stopped hurting. After more than three years, I'm still learning something new every week and look forward to my daily practice. Today, I have little use for my TV -- and I certainly don't wait for elevators.