School of Oom Yung Doe(tm), the Grandmaster Iron Kim Style

Dan, 60

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I have been training since August, 2001. I am currently a 1st degree black belt Assistant Instructor. I actually came to Oom Yung Doe quite by accident.

I have always been active athletically, and play football and softball with men 20-40 years younger than I am. I was looking for some way to help me compete better against the younger guys. I thought that some type of martial arts would help give me an "edge". In Pittsburgh, almost all martial arts schools are Karate schools, and I knew I was not interested in Karate. The one alternative was Oom Yung Doe, who advertised teaching 8 different martial arts. It sounded interesting. Little did I know it would be life changing.

For the past 10 years I have had severe osteoarthritis in my hands and spine. Four years ago, I thought that I was going to have to retire from dentistry due to the chronic pain. I was taking high doses of pain medication 2-3 times a day so I could work, and I was still having difficulty and pain. The resulting stress put me in the hospital for a heart catheterization.

In addition I have been diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder, a torn labrum in my right hip, and a torn meniscus in my right knee. Too many years of sports. My hip was so painful that at times it was difficult to walk up stairs.

So, it is now almost 3 years later. I started out as a reluctant student, and I am now an Assistant Instructor.

And these are the reasons why I train:

  • Amazingly, I rarely have pain in my hands, and have in fact almost entirely stopped taking pain medication. My rotator cuff, knee and hip are not healed, but I have vastly increased my flexibility and range of motion, and I rarely have any pain.

  • And I am almost totally unaffected by the stress in my life. When I walk out after finishing my lesson, my head is clear, my mind is clear, my body feels rejuvenated.

  • Traditional Moo Doe is the development of the mind, the body and the spirit. I have found this to be true for me.

  • Don't tell me you are too old to train in Oom Yung Doe. I am 60 years old.