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The tiger is symbolic of the physical world and the dragons signify the mental or spiritual world. Together the symbols represent a harmony between both worlds. The Chinese symbol Yin/Yang (Oom/Yung) stands for balance of life.

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Eight Complete Martial Arts Taught as One
Always Having the Skill and Ability to Demonstrate
kyung gong sul bope

One of the many personal achievements of Grandmaster "Iron" Kim is the Kyong Gong Sul Bope (flying side kick). Above is Grandmaster jumping from the top of a building. (The roof is visible in the lower right corner.) In 1970, Grandmaster "Iron" Kim demonstrated Kyong Gong Sul Bope by jumping from the equivalent of an 11-story building. In 1972, Grandmaster "Iron" Kim again demonstrated the Kyong Gong Sul Bope movement by jumping from the equivalent of an 8-story building both times landing without injury onto a sloped surface below.

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Jill McGuire
“I was searching for a better quality of life when I walked through the doors of Oom Yung Doe - I just wasnít aware of it at the time.”

Initially, I was simply looking for exercise to help get my diabetes in check. This, of course, was complicated by the fact that I have asthma Ė asthma so severe that I had wound up in the Intensive Care Unit every year for the previous four years. For the first several months of my training, I would keep my nebulizer with me in class. I was very blessed to have Instructors who encouraged me to continue my practice even though I would, at times, need to use my nebulizer in the school.

Initially, I was given only breathing exercises; slowly, I was able to move on to Tai Chi Chung. As the movements progressed, I lost weight, and my blood sugars started to level out. My need for insulin therefore decreased. During this initial period of adjustment, I would frequently have low blood sugars or an asthma attack. Iím not exaggerating when I say that my Instructors literally saved my life several times. Words cannot express the gratitude I have toward them for helping me to get through these periods of adjustment.

As with any chronic illness, there would be periods of escalation in symptoms, but with my practice of Oom Yung Doe and the individualized attention I received from the Instructors, these episodes came less often and were less intense. I hope that at some point I will be able to control the diabetes without insulin.

When the International Program became available, I did not hesitate to sign up. By then I was no longer carrying my nebulizer into the school, and I seldom even needed my inhaler. With the guidance of the International Team, I found that specific movements they provided gave me confidence in my ability to push forward without fear of having an asthma attack or very low blood sugars.

As I continue to practice, Iíve gained not only physical benefits, but mental benefits, as well. Iím gaining strength and courage to help me as I face challenges in my daily life. Iím striving to refocus my energy so that I can respond to lifeís challenges and maintain balance in all things, regardless of the ebbs and flows as each day progresses. I find that I am identifying areas that need improvement and using a holistic approach to create lasting changes. At the rate my health was declining before I found Oom Yung Doe, I was unable to enjoy watching my daughter as she grows, or my husband as we move through each stage of life together. Iíve made so much progress with Oom Yung Doe that I can now look forward to a better quality of life with both of them. I have acquired knowledge that I have been able to integrate into my personal and professional life that has helped me reach a higher level of productivity and an overall sense of well-being.

Recently I began a Chi Tea regimen, and I use the Bath Herb on a more scheduled basis. I have found that with the combination of movement and Traditional Moo Doe Formulas, I have made significant increases in my physical and mental well-being. I notice more energy and flexibility, and I seem to be controlling and preventing illness with this new schedule.

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the Sae Gae Moo Doe classes and the Weeklong in 2003. These opportunities provided me the chance to learn a great deal about myself and encouraged me to continue to seek a more balanced method of living my life. Being a type ďAĒ personality and always multi-tasking in both professional and personal life, I found myself easily frustrated and impatient with myself when Higher Belts were taking their time to teach me. It was (and still is) a challenge to be patient with myself as I strive to learn the correct movements. The Higher Belts continue to demonstrate patience and encouragement as I continue to improve the quality of my life.

Oom Yung Doe had made such positive changes in my life, and the Instructors had been so supportive of me, that when the opportunity to sign up for the MIP was offered, I did not hesitate. At some point in time, I hope that I will be able to help others who walk through the door of Oom Yung Doe.

Jill McGuire, 48
Public Health Nurse, Wisconsin

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