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The tiger is symbolic of the physical world and the dragons signify the mental or spiritual world. Together the symbols represent a harmony between both worlds. The Chinese symbol Yin/Yang (Oom/Yung) stands for balance of life.

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Eight Complete Martial Arts Taught as One
Always Having the Skill and Ability to Demonstrate
kyung gong sul bope

One of the many personal achievements of Grandmaster "Iron" Kim is the Kyong Gong Sul Bope (flying side kick). Above is Grandmaster jumping from the top of a building. (The roof is visible in the lower right corner.) In 1970, Grandmaster "Iron" Kim demonstrated Kyong Gong Sul Bope by jumping from the equivalent of an 11-story building. In 1972, Grandmaster "Iron" Kim again demonstrated the Kyong Gong Sul Bope movement by jumping from the equivalent of an 8-story building both times landing without injury onto a sloped surface below.

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Jeff Alas
By the end of the week, I felt a deep calmness and contentment that I had never experienced before.”
Jeff Alas

Jeff Alas
Student, 19 years old

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Alas. I am currently a second section, and I have been practicing Oom Yung Doe for about eight months. Before that I had been practicing in a different style of martial arts. Although I don't regret my time there, it could take me only so far. I knew since the day I saw the school, that I would make the decision to join. After trying Kwu Yung Bope, a Kung Fu form, for the very first time and feeling challenged, I knew that I had opened the door for something that I had been searching for.

Traditional Moo Doe movement has challenged me time and time again, but I have found that I am stronger, faster, more accurate, and overall healthier than I have ever been. I am 19, and like most people my age, you think you're healthy. After experiencing Moo Doe, I now have a better understanding of what true health is. I truly do believe that Oom Yung Doe can help anyone improve their quality of life.

One of my goals is to get my mom to join. I know she could benefit from it. I've longed for a way to help others. Finding the Moo Doe Line of martial arts I know that I can do that. I want to improve my understanding so that I can become an instructor and help others see the many benefits of correct movement.

Many people search for a way to improve themselves. Traditional Moo Doe has proven to be a way to achieve that. The Instructors I have had the pleasure to learn from are definitely some of the wisest people I've ever met. They are truly helping others improve themselves. I have benefited from everything that I have learned in class, but I feel the most development from practicing Pal Gae, and Bagwa walk. I am currently on the two-year program, and I'm looking forward to getting my 1st degree. I look forward to practicing deeper movements that will give me a deeper understanding of how energy works.

Jeff Alas
Age 19
Second Section

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