School of Oom Yung Doe(tm), the Grandmaster Iron Kim Style

Becky, 36

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I could never hike! That was one of my biggest complaints in life. I was simply unable to - at any age - because I suffered from extreme exhaustion due to a blood sugar disorder that, for decades, I never knew I had. My life had always been different from others' around me-always more limited. Other people shopped at the malls; I shopped from catalogs. Other people could stay up late and drink coffee to be fine the next day; I would be sick for days. So imagine my complete surprise, when, after only two weeks of training and challenging myself with Tai Chi Chung (a gentle form that someone in my condition could do), I noticed a marked increase in my energy level.

I trained daily, and within a few months, I started needing less sleep and was more alert and happy. I now know movements and breathing techniques that I can do for different types of mental and physical conditions I find myself in, and I look forward to my classes every day to see what new things I can achieve. In fact, I'm about to achieve a big goal of mine. At the age of 36, I am preparing to accomplish something I've never done before...something that was never even possible for me to do before: Hike the Grand Canyon in 2005!! And you guessed it-you won't find me complaining while I'm doing it!